Celebrating 59 Years!

on July 6th to 8th, 2018


The Emmanuel Church was founded in July 1959 by our Father and Founder, Superintendent Emeritus Welton McGee. The Congregation of Emmanuel is now being led with vision and excellence by our current Pastor, and District Superintendent, Dr. Eugene B. Jones. The Anniversary fundraiser will continue through July 2018; your donations will support the ministries of our church, assist in building, renovating, and maintaining a magnificent edifice. Thank you for your faithful support.


To donate to this fundraiser click the button below, enter your donation amount and select Building Fund when asked what the donation is for.


Our goals for this fundraiser:

Tribe of Joseph

Captain: Jennie M. Howze
Goal: $2500

Tribe of Gad

Captain: Nicole Allen
Goal: $2500

Tribe of Judah

Captain: Rosalyn Charles
Goal: $2500

Tribe of Benjamin

Captain: Dominique Jones
Goal: $2500